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      		README for MuX2d 0.2.4

Hello !
You're reading the short documentation for
MuX2d (Editor for MusixTeX).

I know that many parts of the program still not work: Try it, mail me
somthing about you opinion and wait for the next release.

I'm very interested in suggestions, review and bug reporting. Please
have a look at and .

May be you want to force the development... go to

For installing instructions read INSTALL.

	User interface
The user interface is quite simple. You can do the following:

* add and change the lenhth of notes by pressing the corresponding keys
  ("C", "D", "E", "F", "G", "A", "H" - "H" is the german version; I think
	english people use "B"  you can change that in key.hh )
  ("1" means 'full' note, "2" means 'half', "4" means 'quarter', ...)
* press  to add a rest
* toggle chord mode: add more than one head to a note
  press "F5" to chnge between "chord mode on/off"
* set accidentials (sharp, flat, equal) pressing <+>, <-> and <=>
* add dotted notes by pressing <.> before you select the pitch
  ( for example: a dotted quater at fis: <4> <.> <+>  )
* toggle deny beam between the 2 notes left and right of cursor
   by pressing F9
* toggle forcing of beam by pressing F10

!! the length state will not changed until you select a new !!
!! accidentials ( sharp, dot, ... ) affects only one note   !!

* modify the score with a dialog (see menu 'Modifications -> Score'
  or press "CTRL+F5")
* modify the noteline/instrument (see menu 'Modifications -> Meter/Signature'
  or press "CTRL+M")
* set an explicit bar pressing <|>

* press "CTRL+L" to create the text dialog. You can write the text
  for the current noteline. Use <#> for unbreakable <-> and <$> for
  unbreakable . (see example HoheTannen.mxd)

* create a DVI file by selecting 'File/Print/Create DVI' or "CTRL+D"
* load and store the notes in the editor to a simple file format
* export TeX to any file name (Menu 'File/Export' or "CTRL+T")
(* debug option: Press F12 to export TeX to /dev/stdout)

* unfinisched implementation for special clefs (Violin and Bass clef ok)
* cancel button in the score dialog is disabled because the changes are made
  directly in the data structure :(
* the score dialog doesn't works fine. I'm searching for a better solution.
  But it work...

I'm using the Qt library. So please have a look at the
license in LICENSE.qt .

The source of MuX2d is distributed under
(see LICENSE.qpl)

Due to this license there is NO WARRANTY !

Cheers, Lukas


Lukas Grützmacher