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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: There are other projects like [...] . Why did you invest your energy to start a new?
When I started MuX2d there was no other program known to me that follows my imaginations of intuitive score editing. So I started to create my own. Now there are some other projects with great functionality. But I hope I'll find the time to develop MuX2d to a usable editor (after my thesis...)
Jul 24 2000

Q: I'm sitting on system [...](very new - like SuSE 6.4) and tried to compile MuX2d. configure works fine. But make stops with something like In method `void MusixWidget::openDatFile()': no matching function for call to `QString::latin1 ()'
Are you sure you have installed Qt version 2.x? Go to Trolltech and get newer version.
Jun 22 2000

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Lukas Grützmacher