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Welcome to the project pages of MuX2d. This is a WYSIWYM(ean) editor for MusiXTeX - a macro package for typesetting music with TeX.

The primaty target of MuX2d for the moment is to support all features of MusiXTeX. The current status of the source code is "quite early".
I'm searching for people who want's to support the developement this project. Please contact
Have a look at the status page to learn about the features already implemented.

For feedback I invite you to visit the project survey page or send me a mail.

I suggest that you take the latest source code version from the CVS Repository. Releases are only mad if I can show some new features. The current release is version 0.2.4a . You can download it.

If you have no Qt and you don't want to install it you can take a look a the
screenshot of the
  • main window,
  • score dialig,
  • signature and meter dialog,
  • text dialog,
  • and the
  • Hohe Tannen (partical)
    MXD| DVI| PS| PS.pz]
  • Jesu meine Freude
    [MXD| DVI| PS| PS.pz]

  • Please have a look at the sourceforge project page

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    Lukas Grützmacher